Terms and Conditions

In order to book the service please call 07724340866, you can also send a text message or contact me through Facebook. If you are calling after 6pm or on Sunday please leave your message and I will call you back next day in my working hours.

Dogs are trimmed without giving any sedatives;

I’m using only professional cosmetics;

Workplace and tools are always subjected to disinfection and sterilization;

To facilitate the work of the groomer and shorten the time of the service dogs are trimmed without the presence of the owner. In the absence of the owner the dog is calmer and cooperates better.

I am not responsible for the deterioration of the health of the dog, whose owner concealed the existence

Dogs old, sick, timid and mentally unbalanced can be trimmed only at the request of the owner and under his responsibility. This also applies to short haircut during the cold weather;

If this is your first visit to a dog in the salon please warn about arranging a visit to reserve more time for your pet;

Any combating insects is mandatory and is done at the expense of the owner of a dog (extra charge of 10£)

The dog is released only to the person who provided it to the salon or designated by it;

Every dog should have a health card with a valid vaccination certificate.

Please ensure your dog has had an adequate chance to relieve itself before you come to the salon.I do not have the time or the facilities to do this for you.Please bag up your dog's mess and put it in the bin if your dog has an accident outside our home (bags are available in salon). Thank you!


Starting prices are for pets:

That are used to being professionally groomed on a regular schedule (a MINIMUM of once per season, 4 times per year depending on breed)

Whose coats are well maintained between professional grooms (kept tangle, knot & matt free by regular brushing or combing)

You can reasonably expect to pay more than the starting price for:

Matted, poorly maintained &/or overgrown coats

Pets which are difficult to manage or uncooperative during grooming

Overweight pets or oversized for the breed standard

Timid, anxious or nervous pets, which require frequent breaks & may need special handlingThese cost more time, labour &/or product.

If I am unable to complete a groom due to behavioural problems or aggression you will be charged the starting price of the groom. All costs are payable in full at the time you collect your pet.


Your pet may be photographed before, during or after its groom. Photographs may be used on the Auntie Anette FB or other printed materials. Please let me know if you prefer you pet not to be photographed.


Please be punctual. I work by appointment only; the appointment slot allocated for your pet's groom has been booked at your request exclusively. I do not double book appointments; a no-show is lost income.

I also offer a free appointment reminder; by text or phone. Just tell me your preference. If you are late more than 15min your appointment will be cancelled and No Show fee will apply.

Most grooms take between 1 - 3 hours or more depending on the size and temperament of the dog, and its coat condition. You will be advised what time to collect your pet.

It is advisable not to enter the salon before this time, as your presence may distract your pet during the finishing stage of its groom. It is essential that you collect your pet at the agreed time as once the groom is finished. Late collections will incur an extra charge of £5 every 30 minutes or part of.


I respectfully request 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your pet's appointment. The slot can then be resold.

NO-SHOWS & LATE CANCELLATIONS (of less 24hrs notice)

If you don't show or 24hours notice is given when cancelling your appointment there WILL BE A FEE ad on to your next grooming appointment booked. This fee is 50% of your normal grooming price.


In the event that your pet's coat needs to be clipped down to release it from matting or coat neglect, Auntie Anette Grooming salon, its owner and operator are not liable for any post-grooming effects of this procedure, which is not without risk.Any humane de-matting will be undertaken solely at my discretion, in compliance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (clause 5 - Animals are to be protected from pain, injury and suffering).

De-matting during a routine groom is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and is only possible if the matting is minimal. For severely matted coats where de-matting isn't possible, the only humane way to deal with this will be to completely shave off the coat.You will be given an estimate of how long matt release is likely to take & an estimated cost for the procedure. A shavedown consumes significantly more time, labour, product & tool/equipment wear and tear than a routine trim therefore will incur an extra charge of 10Ł. All shavedown costs are payable in full at the time you collect your pet.


I reserve the right to refuse to groom any pet at risk of harming me or itself. If your dog is accepted for grooming & displays aggression that I have not been informed of during its session, the groom will be terminated immediately. You will be contacted to collect it. The full starting price of the groom will be levied.You must inform me prior to grooming if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggression. Failure to disclose this information may result in refusal of further services.


Any complaints must be received by me within 24 hours after the grooming of the pet in question.

I am fully insured with Cliverton.

Leaving a dog in my care the customer accepts ALL the Terms and Conditions.

Auntie Anette xxx